Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of the KYLP are designed on three levels, and that’s on the participants level, on the national level, and on the international level.

The overall aim of the program is to build the skill level, social participation, leadership, and social status of youth through the program in order to prepare them to become leaders for bringing positive changes at their communities. And to foster the community of Kurdistan region toward more inclusiveness and share a hand in pushing the country toward more modernization and development.

On the Participants level:

  • Create a multi-cultural and national platform for learning from the existing youth work practices and experiences of young people working on projects, new ways of innovation, dialogue and conflict transformation in their home communities.
  • To develop awareness and competencies (knowledge, skills, and attitude) of participants in human rights education, conflict transformation, technology, entrepreneurship, as well as intercultural learning and dialogue, including a critical understanding of personal identities and their role in the development of the country.
  • Promote youth volunteerism for peace and development.
  • Encourage youth to participate in the socio-political process.
  • Connecting young people to each other, connect young people to the forum, and to connect young people to decision makers.
  • Support young people to take the lead on working or campaigning for change on issues that are important to them.
  • Introducing the SDGs to take action for their implementation.
  • Promote female leadership
  • Create an inclusive, sustainable, unifying network among the participants for collaboration on follow-up and mutual projects.

On the National level:

  • Bridge the gaps between youths from different parts and backgrounds of the country.
  • Promote Democracy and Sustainability
  • Supporting the country’s minor religions and nations, and backup their youth to engage in the development of the community.
  • Empowering civic-engagement for the piece making process and reinforcing the diversity and inclusiveness of the region.
  • Promote Kurdistan’s cultural and historical heritage and tourism. And expand youth and cultural interests to change negative attitudes.

On the International level:

  • Sharing and amplifying our youths voice on the global community.
  • Building more bridges between youths in our country and youths and foundations in other communities and developed countries to enable more exchange, add value to each other’s community.
  • Support and contribute to the actions of the global community.
  • Creating an impact to change the stereotype of the country from a troubled country into an inclusive modernizing country.