Participants and Eligibility

The participants and beneficiaries of KYLP are totally youth generation from diverse backgrounds, aged between 18-30 and largely from different places of the country, the project mainly targets youth people who are in need of such opportunity to grow and those who have demonstrated leadership with high consideration toward gender equality. The selection process will be conducted by the programming, and participants committee and would be based on the main criteria of being ages within 18-30 including additional criteria such as interested in the program, commitment to participate in program activities and tasks, leadership background, and their application form.

However, since the project tend to be fully-funded including participation fees, accommodation, daily meal, transportation, the total number of the participants then depend on the available resources of the forum at that time. Generally, it’s possible for the forum to provide 150-200 scholarships as direct participants of the program selected among the applicants applied to the forum through our website. Moreover, depending on the format of the program if it included open sessions relevant to the theme and participants, as well as general topics of interest to community, then it would be possible for the forum to provide up to 400 positions to be filled by students of partnering universities, foundations, and youth community-based organizations, however these participants are not scholarship holders and the forum can only provide them with their attendance to the specific session.

Participants commitment to the activities and tasks of the forum is one of the main criteria for their selection, two of the main tasks and activities designed by the forum are as the following:

  1. Participants Experience: each participant should choose a topic of their interest in the forum, something that moved them and got benefit from, then make a presentation or seminar about it after the forum back in his local community with his/her colleagues, friends, sharing the message of the program and influencing more people in a broader target.
  2. Participants Projects: from the start of the forum the participants are encouraged to gathering in a number of groups and choose a youth related-issue, or a matter of their concern. That’s a problem they work on with their peers, discuss it from their perspectives and prospects, address it and then develop a project for its resolution. The proposed scope of the projects should be around youth issues such as, Youth and Production, preparing youth for labor market and youth start-up, Youth and Health, raising youth awareness toward health and physical challenges, Youth and Society, increasing the role of youth in society, and Youth and Culture, to expand youth cultural interests and change negative attitudes and behaviors, or Environmental and voluntarily service.

From the program of the forum the participants will learn more about these issues and will be able to grow good ideas and accumulate more information about them from the trainers and speakers of the forum. The projects and summaries should be submitted and its corresponding group should put the project into implementation after the forum, Karin Organization and related parties will provide possible and necessary support for its implementation. However, it’s also possible for a number of projects to be selected by a jury to find donors or sponsors for and further guarantee its well-implementation.