KODYA pays visits to his organizing collaborators on the project KYLP

KODYA pays visits to his organizing collaborators on the project KYLP.

On March 17th, 2017 and the 29th anniversary of the bombardment of Halabja City, Karin Organization organized the first Kurdistan Young Leadership Program with the participation of more than 100 youth around the country, a program aimed toward empowering youth abilities and preparing future leaders. the KYLP changed the anniversary of Halabja from mourning to restoring hope and preparing future leaders.

After the successful achievements of the program in March, Karin Organization paid visits to his collaborators on holding the forum and presented our appreciation again to our collaborators and acknowledged their timely support and enthusiasm for empowering young people and sharing a hand in the development of our community. We believe youth empowerment is a never-ending mission and we need to make sure youth ideas and opinions get to the attention of the decision-makers.

In our meetings, we paid visits to each of the presidency of Halabja University, Halabja Governorate, Korek Company, Pianeta Italia Company, Barez Group of Companies, International relations of UoH, and Halabja Security Council, and gifted them our honorary appreciation present.

On their part, Halabja Governor, Mr. Ali Osman, and Halabja University President, Prof. Dr. Aras Ahmed, also expressed their admiration for Karin’s staff to have met beyond their expectations in the successful implementation of the project KYLP, and re-expressed their support for Karin and such kind of projects.