“KRI- Education System Survey” KODYA presented appreciation certificate to the project’s implementing team.

“KRI- Education System Survey” KODYA presented appreciation certificates to the project’s implementing team.

During March and April 2018 Karin Organization conducted the KRI- Education System Survey in the different cities and provinces of Kurdistan region- Iraq. The total number of 1627 people participated in the project from different classes, ages, professions, and a gender participation between %55 male %45 female.

The project conducted on a number of different levels and that’s for providing more accurate information and data and digging more into the reality of Education in Kurdistan Region. Part of the survey conducted with students enrolling at university, college lecturers, businessmen’s, politicians, and a number of students representative of several chosen primary schools from 3rd grade and 8th grade, and that’s to provide more insight into the changes and differences that occur in terms of students passion and expectation about the process of education.

“Are we preparing our children for the future or for the past” was the message of the survey. The survey included more questions on the suitability of the environment of education, and educational institutions, from primary school to university, Curriculum suitability and the extent to which it can prepare a productive individual for the community and how suitable they are for our current time. The backbone of our survey was the question “Do you want your children to go through the same educational process you went through?” the answers to the question revealed startling statistics, the total of %92 of the participants answered with “NO” to the question, or referred to the former education systems as more productive!

How do you think what these answers and statistics reveal, in your opinion?!

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