27th Anniversary of Halabja Bombardment

27th Anniversary of the chemical bombardment of Halabja city

Karin organization commemorated the 27th anniversary of the Halabja Massacre on March 16, 1988 in which more than 5 thousand people lost their lives. Thousands of civilians were killed in the chemical bombing attack by the former Iraqi regime

The 16th of March massacre is remembered every year in Kurdistan and a special anniversary to memorate the victims are held every year at Halabja Monument. Majority of the locals participate at the anniversary and mourn for their lost ones, as well as lots of foreign guests, ambassadors and special envoys’ around the world take part at the anniversary, all together observing the tragic periods the city has went through, and sharing a hand to enliven the heritage of the city

Now, the city has recognized as the Capital of Peace, and serious efforts been made in international level to recognize the case as genocide. For the 27th anniversary Karin Organization took part in the organization of the event, and volunteered by providing a team of interpreters and guidance for the foreign guests and ambassadors, which the event lacked. This, including simultaneous interpretation and tour guide as well, in English, Turkish and Arabic Language. And introducing the city and the massacre to the visitors. Hereby we warmly thank all volunteering members and the teams who had effective role in helping to improve the style of the anniversary.

Halabja 27
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