Ms. Hanna Jaff, UN Vice Ambassador of Peace in the Middle East visited Kurdistan region

Ms. Hanna Jaff, Vice Ambassador of Peace and Global Ethics in the Middle East for UNESCO visited Kurdistan region on April 1st, 2017.

In her visit to Halabja Karin Organization alongside with Ms. Kewstan Karim welcomed her to the city and carried a sound meeting with her delegate at the Halabja Memorial Monument about the purpose of her visit and the situation of Kurdistan in the global community and her mission toward women empowerment in Kurdistan. In her press conference after the meeting, she explained more about the purpose of her visit to Halabja, and her future plans and projects for Halabja and Kurdistan region, as well as her new post as the Vice Ambassador of Peace in Middle East/ United Nations.

In the end, we paid a visit to the statues of the great Kurdish female politician and leader, Adila Khan.