28th Anniversary Halabja Bombardment

28th Anniversary of the Chemical Bombardment of Halabja City

Karin Organization for the second time participated in organizing the anniversary of the chemical bombardment of Halabja City.

Halabja’s bloody Friday was the largest chemical bombardment on civilians in history, in which 5000 civilians including women and children were killed in 16th and 17th  of March 1988 by the Saddam Hussein regime, who led Iraq’s Baathist’s.

For the second time after the 2015th successful participation of 27th anniversary, our organization shared a hand in organizing the 28th anniversary of Halabja’s massacre, striving to insert the power and rule of youth people into national anniversaries for the purpose of re-shaping the anniversaries from melancholy into a starting point of creating peace and promoting innovation.

We provided a team for guidance and interpretation voluntarily for the foreign guests, and world envoy’s for the anniversary, in English, Arabic, Persian and Turkish language; sharing the message of the youth people of Halabja with the world and introducing the visitors to the city and the massacre.
In the end, to save and protect the environment, our teams cleaned the location of the anniversary.

Halabja 28
Halabja 28- photo album