Closing Ceremony

KYLP17- Closing Ceremony
KYLP17- Closing Ceremony Album

At the end of the all the activities and programs of the first round of Kurdistan young Leadership Program in 3 days, Karin held a closing ceremony for the program with the attendance of all the participants and staff of KYLP17, as well as numerous guests and figures of the city.

The ceremony contained several different activities. First, Mr. Omar Fuad, Head of the media committee of KYLP17 gave the farewell speech of KYLP17. And then Halabja Youth Center and a number of the kylpers enriched the ceremony with their artistic activities in song and music shows. the final moments got more enjoyable with the participation of the participants, sharing their valuable 3-day experience in the program on the stage, reading their poems, expressing their feeling and emotions to the program and the city, and their beloved ones.

At the end of the event, appreciation certificate given to the staff and organizers of KYLP17, for their outstanding voluntarily work in the making the project possible. And the participant’s given a recognized certificate of participation in the program, on behalf of Karin Organization, International Youth Federation, KRG government, Halabja University, and Sulaymaniyah Polytechnic University.