KYLP 17 Summary


March 16, 2017


On the 29th anniversary of Halabja’s chemical bombardment, Karin Organization announced the first ‘Kurdistan Young Leadership Program’ (KYLP). The people of Kurdistan and even around the world always heard and mentioned ‘Halabja’ with ‘Chemical Bombardment of March 16, 1988’, but Karin organization aimed to bring people into a different view about Halabja and prepare +100 young future leaders, from Halabja Province, Capital of Peace.

Kurdistan Young Leadership Program is the first annual young leadership program in Kurdistan. Aims to push the young people forward by creating a medium where young leader come together to learn from each other, exchange ideas and experience, and put their innovative ideas and projects into practice for the development of the community and country. The program consisted of a number of training, activities, and seminars for each day, with special experts and experienced professionals in the field.

The organizing committee of the program worked for 7 months to make the project possible. After all the obstacles, the project announced at the begging of March 2017. In 4 days of the duration of online application, 395 people applied for the program, the scientific committee of the program selected 100 applicants as the participants of the first KYLP, on the base of their motivational statement and geographical area.

The project achieved all the planned goals, it was a great success in bringing together and preparing a group of real leaders who will be able to make crucial changes in the community and the country. The program could create a marvelous friendly and learning atmosphere for the participants to record beautiful memories and learn from their partners, exchange ideas, and expand their network.

KYLP also raised the tourism and historical side of Halabjah, by bringing people into a different view about the city, experiencing and sharing the most beautiful aspects of the city with the participants from all the other cities.

The program lasted for 3 days and was fully funded, and the participants came from all the different corners of the country, different beliefs, different classes, ideologies, religious, at the same time gender equality was highly considered in the program. At the end of the program, the participants were given recognized certificates.