The first day of the program began with the opening ceremony of the program at Halabja province- the monument hall. With the attendance of all the accepted applicants, participants of kylp17, and governmental officials. After the registration and welcoming the participants and the guests, later both Sumaya Khalid, as the organizing committee of the program and Rebin Abdalrahman, as the founder and president of Karin organization and KYLP gave their speech. Also, President of Halabja University, Prof. Dr. Aras Ahmad, and President of Sulaymaniyah Polytechnic University, Prof. Dr. Alan Mahmood, and Halabja’s governor, as the main partners of the project gave their speech about the program, as well as Korek Telecom Company, as the golden sponsor of the project. After that, the participants got to know each other and introduce themselves with the organizers of the program. The second part, the afternoon, started with a panel for a number of successful entrepreneurs and figures in which they shared their experience and success stories with the participants. The panelists were:

  • Yassin Mahmood- Chairman of Bareaz Group of Companies.
  • Sherko Jawdat- Head of natural resources department at KRG Parliament.
  • Haval Abdubakir- Elected-governor of Sulaymaniyah
  • Jangi Muhammad- KDP foreign relations representative

The panel enriched with the questions and discussions from the participants and the panelists.

KYLP17- Leadership Panel
KYLP17- Leadership Panel