Vision, Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement Mission and objectives of our organization are designed toward preparing a productive individual for the community.

Our mission is empowering youth people and developing their skills and abilities, therefore our work area is creating unique fair and just opportunities for youth people to explore their selves and put their talents and skills into practice. Our main goal is to prepare a new generation of talented, well-educated young people, with a strong faith and optimism toward a better and brighter future, and a strong scene of responsibility toward creating a difference in their communities and the world. A young generation who can become true leaders for their country and the world on the base of, high moral values, co-existence, collaboration and a critical and innovative thinking.

Our vision: co-existence in a peaceful world were young people are leaders and innovators, and fair and just developing opportunities for all.

General Objectives:

  • Supporting and empowering young people toward realizing their dreams and preparing productive individuals.
  • Promoting literacy and intellectuality
  • Supporting Kurdistan’s minor religions and nations.
  • Striving toward becoming an international organization
  • Standing against any effort for the inhumane use of science or for destruction.
  • Sharing and raising voice of Kurdistan’s people with foreign countries.
  • Empowering civic-engagement for the piece making process and living in diversity.